100 Red Roses Bouquet

100 Red Roses

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950.00 د.إ

A gorgeous, hand-tied arrangement of 100 Long Stem Red Roses for the person closest to your heart! Let flowers create happiness for you.



A hundred roses in a bouquet make for a magnificent display of devotion, signifying the intensity of your romantic sentiments and leaving a long-lasting impression. This emblematic symbol has evolved from expressing utmost loyalty and love to embodying long-term passion and adoration – a timeless and romantic way to show someone special how much you care.

The deep red hue of the roses is unparalleled in its beauty, creating an ideal expression of sincere devotion and fondness. Each rose conveys a unique message, declaring a desire and ardor for the recipient.

This classic gift is a conventional symbol of enduring love, demonstrating a pledge of loyalty and fondness between two people, symbolizing the strength of their relationship and esteem for one another. It is the perfect way to express your love and a classic, romantic gesture that will stay in your heart forever.


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