A wonderful collection of 35 red roses with long stems inside a soft touch vase! Roses make everything as it is, even people are prettier when they are themselves !

450.00 د.إ


Send a timeless message of your undying devotion with 35 sumptuous AEMA red roses! These stunning red blooms are the ideal way to express your unconditional and infinite love for your beloved. Their bright, long-lasting petals will remain for days, reminding them of your ardent love and adoration. Let these roses be a reminder of your everlasting admiration and fondness.

Present your beloved with AEMA’s 35 vibrant and passionate red roses as a romantic gesture of adoration, symbolizing your strong and everlasting bond and your eternal love with their extended period in bloom. Give your significant other the gift of a lifetime with these resilient roses.

Why should flowers be placed in every home?

Flowers are a source of positive energy and a sense of optimism. Since ancient times, red flowers express great love and sincerity. Seeing them every morning renews activity and makes your day bright.

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